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Metropolitan company is developing new products

09 October 2017 - City of Nur-Sultan
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Factory for sewing military uniforms and special equipment is engaged in the production of hosiery products. Within the framework of Labor Day, LLP "DANMARD" was visited by representatives of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Astana and the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan of Almaty. Director of LLP Dinara Ibraeva said that the company used to be called LLP "KazPozhSnab", which was established in December 2008 and was engaged mainly in trade and procurement activities. Later, having studied the supplied products, they came to the idea of creating their own production for sewing tents, special protective clothing for firefighters. 
In 2010, the premise was rented and the first production was launched: tents and SPC. "In 2012, thanks to the project “Business Roadmap 2020”, our company was able to purchase its own production premises with an area of more than 1.8 thousand square meters, and as a result, to increase the number of employees, new technological equipment was purchased. The assortment of products increased, now it is: a military uniform, special equipment: backpacks, sleeping bags, unloading waistcoats", - she told during a tour of the factory.

Last year, the company decided to master a new type of products, two new shops were opened here: a hosiery shop and a metal accessories workshop. Now the factory produces the first batch of socks for men and develops the design of socks for women and children.

"We opened a small boutique in the central bazaar of Astana and are studying the market of nearby countries, intend to work with wholesalers. While we produce terry and cotton socks. The competition is big, but we are trying to give a competitive price", - Dinara Ibraeva says.

As for raw materials, the factory buys it in Uzbekistan and Belarus, so the price of socks is quite acceptable.

The factory employs about 50 people, many of whom are out of town, work on a shift basis - for 15 days. For them there is a small hostel.

"These are narrow specialists, many of whom we have trained ourselves", - said the director.

For example, seamstress Sandygul Abdrasheva lives in Zhezgazgan, she comes to work to Astana. "I like it. There is work Zhezgazgan, but they pay little. And here they pay per unit, how many you will send, so much they will pay", - the woman shared. Director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Astana Gani Tasmaganbetov noted that in 2017, in the competition for the exhibition in Astana "Best Goods of Kazakhstan" LLP Danmard took first place in the nomination "Best Goods for the Population".

 "It is necessary to support local producers. To help them develop, including through the popularization of their products. I urge all Kazakhstani people to buy domestic goods! ", - he concluded.

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